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1 Thing We're Talking About: Stellantis scholarships for Native American students wanting to be technicians

Stellantis will award three scholarships to qualifying Native American students in the U.S. and Canada to help them become automotive service technicians.

New-car demand remains weak in first 19 days of May, trade group says

Retail sales of new sedans, crossovers, SUVs and multipurpose vehicles dipped 5 percent year over year to some 900,000 in the first several days of May, the China Automobile Dealers Association said Wednesday.

How a 4-day workweek strengthened service at a Canadian dealership

Ontario dealership uses a four-day workweek instead of five to fix a technician shortage.

Why Canadian dealers are turning to the Philippines to find service techs

To date, more than 200 Philippine technicians have started working at dealerships in Ontario. But why the focus on the Philippines?

Overheard: Setting minimum standards for service staff

Cavender Auto Group's Allie Peters talked about some recent service department initiatives on the 'What the Fixed Ops?!' podcast.

Transparency and flexibility key in the finance office

F&I managers should also try to present multiple financing options.

Average age of U.S. vehicles reaches new heights; total vehicles in operation continues to rise

The average age of vehicles rises to 12.6 years, and total vehicles in use increases to 286 million. The aging rate is expected to slow.

Dave Cantin Group uses AI to value dealerships

New York brokerage firm Dave Cantin Group started developing its AI-based Jump IQ software in 2022 and began testing it six months ago.

Used-vehicle-only list: A glance at the major players, plus list shake-ups

CarMax leads Automotive News' second tally of used vehicle-only retailers by sales volume, and Carvana recovers to keep its formidable spot on the list.

Some used-vehicle-only retailers in the U.S. (revenue in millions)

The 25 used-vehicle-only retailers on this list collectively sold 1,530,836 retail vehicles in 2023, down 9.2 percent from 1,685,716 in 2022. The 2022 total includes 24 groups as Zoom Automotive, of Bristol, Tenn., did not report sales that year.

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