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Can U.S. auto retailers learn from Rome?

Romans are tech-savvy in retail transactions, but also take plenty of time to slow down and connect. Auto retailers should keep that in mind as they digitize their operations.

Column: How Tekion, others learned thought outside the box

Learning and adapting are necessary for business success — and those who take unconventional approaches can reap outsized rewards.

New Texas partnership buys Stellantis, GM and Kia dealerships

A veteran auto retail executive and Kia dealership general manager have bought three dealerships in Texas in a new partnership.

VW's Pablo Di Si: Price gouging ID Buzz buyers would be big mistake

Pablo Di Si, head of Volkswagen in North America, says dealer price gouging on the new three-row ID Buzz electric bus would not be smart.

Dealer anniversaries

Dealers featured this week include Yegor Malinovskii, Berlin City Auto Group in Maine president; and Larry Giacchino, CEO of Carman Auto Group in Delaware.

Franchise Equity Partners reveals $55M minority stake in Parks Automotive Group

Franchise Equity Partners invested $55 million in Parks Automotive Group, to acquire a minority stake in the group. The announcement comes months after Parks Automotive, with the investment firm, bought two Stellantis stores near Charlotte, N.C.

Cars.com launches new brand campaign, refreshes image

The company is launching a new branding campaign and debuted a revised logo in a bid to market itself as offering broader vehicle services to consumers.

Know limits of EV credits and which trim levels qualify

Some trim levels qualify for the EV credit, and others do not, Sean Tucker, senior editor at Kelley Blue Book said.

Texas bill to ban 'forced financing' may be out of time

SB1464 would have prohibited an auto dealership from requiring consumers to use financing from the retailer or its partner lenders. The bill also would have barred dealerships from charging more to customers who bring cash or outside financing to a deal.

Tesla Model Y was the world's best-selling car in Q1

The premium midsize crossover beat the Toyota Corolla for the title with 267,171 Model Ys sold in the first quarter.

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